Homemade Dog Food

Why Homemade Dog Food Is Better

Homemade dog food is Free of preservativesFree of Preservatives

Fresh food is dense in nutrients that are readily bio available.​ You control the quality of ingredients that go in your dogs bowl - human grade, organic, local , etc

Fresh Ingredients more readily bio available Minimum Processing

Minimum processing is involved with homemade dog food, to make the starches more easily digestible.​ Processed food typically removes or destroys nutrients and fiber, which are present in the whole foods.

Less food of a higher quality is healthiest for dogs Less, But Better

Homemade dog food provides unsurpassed nutrition.​  

medical icon Improve Health Through Nutrition

Feeding a higher quality food and less of it is the easiest way to improve your dogs health.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Food?

Dogs evolved along side humansOver 11,000 Years Ago

Dogs evolved alongside humans by eating human food scraps.

Dogs have a sophisticated digestive system Complex Digestive System

Able to break down starches such as rice & potatoes. 

Dogs are able to break down starches in their stomachesParallel Evolution

Allowing consumption of grains, dairy and cooked food.