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Make your own dog food, using fresh whole food ingredients - AAFCO and vet approved Homemade Dog Food Recipes. With a video for each - that can be used for any dog.

Dogs Deserve To Eat Well

Check out how EASY it is to make our most popular recipe, 

(which happens to also be grain free!) Ground Beef, Sweet Potatoes & Peas.

100% Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Improve Mobility - supports joint and cartilage elasticity. Alleviate Chronic Arthritis Joint Pain. Improve Skin & Coat. Rich in Omega 3's eases dry skin & restores luster to dull coat. Azestfor's Green Lipped Mussel for dogs is a superfood harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand. 

Homemade Dog Food Vitamins

Balanced Vitamins & Mineral Powder For Dogs

  • Average 30 Day Supply

    Add 1  1/4 teaspoon of Azestfor Vitamin powder per cup of homemade dog food.

  • Feed 'em like Family

    When used in combination with the Azestfor Recipes it provides everything canines need to thrive.

  • Supply Chain Transparency

    We maintain full transparency and trace ability with ingredient sourcing - only working with reputable suppliers who meet stringent global and local standards.

  • Love & Science

    Just like you we love our dogs and want simply the best for them, that's why we founded the company. The recipes & supplements were crafted by animal food scientists.


All Natural -Green Lipped Mussel- Rich in Omega 3 - Promotes Mobility - Reduces Muscle Inflammation & Symptoms of Osteoarthritis. Eases symptoms of dry skin.

Homemade Dog Food Vitamin Powder

Veggie Love 1 lb - Average 30 day Supply

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Is To Extend Dog's Lives Through Nutrition


Meet The Founder


I wanted to first say thank you for everything that you guys do! I have been struggling to get my German Shepherd to gain weight as well as find a food that she would consistently eat. I tried everything from high dollar kibble to dehydrated food and nothing worked. That is until I found you guys. I have been making her food for 3 months now and she has finally not only gained weight but begs me for food! I am so happy I found you guys!

Making your own dog food is not only great for their health and happiness it's fun and rewarding because they love it sooo much!!! I do not know why it took me so long to start making homemade dog food. I have made many batches of food, a lot of different recipes but always come back to their favorite turkey recipe and of course Azestfor for the added vitamins I know they need to make the food complete.

We use both products - the Green Lipped Mussels for my Frenchies IVDD pain and it's been transforming and the vitamins in their homemade food!