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3 Steps to Make Homemade Dog Food

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Step 1

Select one of our FREE, healthy homemade dog food recipes.

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Step 2

Add Azestfor Vitamin & Mineral powder for complete and balanced nutrition.

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Step 3

Watch your dog's whole body thrive with health & vitality.

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Make Simple & Healthy Dog Food

Bowl Lickin' Good Recipes

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100% Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Improve Mobility Hips & Joints

Supports joint & cartilage elasticity

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Alleviate Chronic Orthopedic Pain

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Rich Concentration of Omega-3

Easing symptoms of dry itchy skin. Restoring luster to a dull dry coat.

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A Zest For Life

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Emily my shepherd mix loves this homemade dog food recipe. I'm so happy to have found Azestfor 

Kris L.

It's just common sense - every dog should be eating this way

Ron S

Our friend recommended home cooked food because of our dogs dry itchy skin problems. It seems to be under control with this change to her diet.

Mark F

What Dog Food Helps With Itching?

Skin is the body's largest organ. Good health begins with nourishing the body with a  balanced diet that is high in healthy fats and protein, and low in carbs. Free of filler, preservatives or harsh chemical treatments. 

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How Do I Help My Overweight Dog Lose Weight?

Feed your dog a higher quality food and feed it less of it. Weigh your dog than gauge how much they should weigh. Feed them based on the weight they should be. But feed them less until they reach their goal weight. Always measure the amount of food being fed to be accurate. A quick start is to replace the current measuring cup with a smaller cup.

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How To Make Homemade Dog Food For Senior Dogs

Choose a recipe that is gentle on the stomach, easily digested and low fat.  If the dog has difficulty chewing you can run the food through a food processor or blender. Older dogs tend to be more sedentary so will need fewer calories than when they were younger. 

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How Much Homemade Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Start off feeding your dog the same amount of food you currently do. Than use your judgement to adjust. Consider life stage (age), body condition (skinny, normal, overweight or obese), and activity level.  As a dog ages its energy needs will decline meaning they won't need as many calories.

Can Puppies Eat Homemade Dog Food?

Yes! Puppies start eating solid food at 4 weeks and are weened at 6 weeks. They will thrive on homemade dog food. Feed puppies three times a day. A dog's nutrient needs remain fairly constant from puppy to adolescence to adult to senior.

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My Dogs Skin Is Itchy

Azestfor Anti-inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs is rich in Omega 3 and biologically effective in reducing inflammation in the body, including joints, muscles and skin. 

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Complete & balanced nutritional system to provide unsurpassed nutrition.

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