Best Homemade Dog Food

Best Homemade Dog Food Recipe:

This Best Homemade Dog Food recipe is grain free, easy on digestion and designed for weight loss. This three ingredient recipe combines chicken, potatoes and Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins to create a meal that will help with weight reduction to manage obesity and is a great diet for large and giant breed dogs, as it helps to prevent rapid growth which can lead to orthopedic problems. This recipe should also be considered for dogs with heart disease who need a low sodium diet or dogs who are allergic to grains. 

Best Homemade Dog Food Ingredients:

3 lbs (raw weight), chicken, cooked
3 1/2 lbs potato, cooked
1/2 cup Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins​


This recipe will yield approximately 7 lbs of food. Equating to 4,921 calories (Kcals) Approximately enough servings of food for one week for an 25 lb dog to maintain weight.​


Best homemade Dog Food chop the chicken into bite size chunks Step 1

Cook the chicken by boiling it in a little water. It is important that all bones are removed from the cooked chicken. Let the chicken cool than dice the chicken into bit size chunks. Shredding it is also fine. The chicken is cooked when the juices inside run clear. You can use white or dark meat or ground chicken.

Best homemade dog food combine potatoes and chicken

Step 2

Cook the potatoes by boiling them in water. OK to leave the skins on. Remove any green or dark discoloration and sprouts. They can be mashed or cubed into bite size – depending on the preference of your dog. Begin checking the potatoes after around 5 minutes of boiling; most potatoes will be done in 10 to 20 minutes. Potatoes are done when tender: The potatoes are done when they are tender all the way through. You can test this by poking the potato with a fork, paring knife, or skewer. Potatoes need to be completely cooked to increase digestibility.

best homemade dog food add vitamins and minerals

Step 3

When the meat and potatoes are cool to touch you can add the Azestfor nutritional supplements. Heat destroys the potency of vitamins.


Watch Instructional Cooking Video Best Homemade Dog Food: 


The recipe can be prepared in large batches and frozen. It will keep for up to a year in the freezer, or one week in the fridge. Freezing vitamins preserves their potency. I would recommend portioning the food into meal size servings before freezing it.

To defrost a frozen meal – put it in the fridge overnight.

Best homemade dog food recipe for weight loss, growing large and giant breeds and should be considered for dogs with heart disease who need a low sodium diet or dogs who are allergic to grains. If your dog has underlying health issues consult with a holistic veterinarian who is trained in nutrition to ensure a new diet is appropriate for your dog.

Dog eating DIY dog food made from potatoes and chicken

Feeding Guidelines:

We suggest dividing the daily amount into two servings, one in the morning and one in the evening. Every dog’s nutritional requirements are a little bit different due to age & amount of exercise. If your dog is losing weight, increase food by 1/4 cup a day, if they are gaining weight reduce accordingly.

Weight of Dog

5 lbs to maintain weight 3/4 cup (4.6 oz) per day
10 lbs to maintain weight 1 cup (7.84 oz) per day
15 lbs to maintain weight 1 1/2 cups (10.5 oz) per day
20 lbs to maintain weight 2 cups (13 oz) per day
30 lbs to maintain weight 2 3/4 cups (18 oz) per day
40 lbs to maintain weight 3 1/2 cups (22 oz) per day
50 lbs to maintain weight 4 cups (26 oz) per day
60 lbs to maintain weight 4 1/2 cups (30 oz) per day
70 lbs to maintain weight 5 1/4 cups (34 oz) per day
80 lbs to maintain weight 5 3/4 cups (37 oz) per day
90 lbs to maintain weight 6 1/3 cups (41 oz) per day

Shopping Check List:

  • Chicken
  • Potatoes
  • Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins
  • Freezer bags or other storage containers
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