Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs

What Does Green Lipped Mussel Do for Dogs?

Green lipped mussel is a natural supplement that builds healthy joints, reduces inflammation, and eases joint pain in dogs.

Azestfor's Anti-inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel is a 100% natural supplement that is highly effective for reducing joint pain and inflammation, it contains unique omega-3 fatty acids - eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), glucosamine, chondroitin, magnesium, zinc, and other compounds that work synergistically to promote joint health.

Symptoms Your Dog Might Be Suffering From Joint Pain

  1. Awkward sitting position with back leg off to the side
  2. Stiffness when walking
  3. Limping or favoring a leg
  4. Avoiding stairs
  5. Not being able to jump on thesofa or bed
  6. Slowness to sit or get up
  7. Licking of the affected joints
  8. Yelping when touched


Azestfor Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel

Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs
Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs
Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs
Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs
Azestfor Happy Dachshund, Great Taste Dogs Love, not artificially preserved or flavored
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Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs

Anti-Inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel For Dogs

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Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs | Powder 

  • Veterinarian Recommended to Promote Joint Mobility
  • Easy to Use Powder: Simply Mix with Your Dog's Regular Food
  • Scientifically Proven to Work in 6 Weeks 
  • 75 Grams 150 Servings (per packet for medium sized dog — 50 lb)



  • Boost Mobility
  • Relieve Sore Muscles
  • Lubricate Joints
  • Get a More Active Dog in Just 6 Weeks
  • Supports dog's brain and heart
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More Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

✅ Increase Mobility

✅ Restore Luster to a dull dry coat

✅ Improving Joint Health

✅ Reducing muscle inflammation

✅ Easing symptoms of dry itchy skin

✅ Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

✅ Gentle on dogs digestion

✅ Naturally occurring compounds work together synergistically

How long does it take for green lipped mussel to work in dogs?

Improvements in joint health can typically be noticed after just six weeks of treatment with a green lipped mussel powder supplement, such as Azestfor. Studies have shown that joint pain and inflammation are reduced after six weeks, and arthritic dogs show improved mobility after eight weeks of treatment with green lipped mussel

How it Works?


Stiffness in joints






Start adding Green Lipped Mussel powder to food


Lubricate joints Naturally occurring Chondroitin, glucosamine and the Omega 3 & 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) start work synergistically


Repair damaged tissue
Reduce inflammation in Joints and muscles


Pain free movement
Healthy skin & shiny coat

Can you give a dog too much green lipped mussel?

Green lipped mussel does not cause any known adverse health effects or signs of toxicity in dogs when given at the recommended doses. Onestudy which assessed how effective green lipped mussel is for treating degenerative joint disease in dogs found no toxic effects in any of the dogs used in the study. However, it is important to note that if your dog is allergic to shellfish, you should not give it supplements containing green lipped mussel, as being a shellfish, it may therefore cause an allergic reaction. As green lipped mussel is a natural nutrient-rich supplement, overdosing does not pose any serious concerns.


Dog Weight Dosage Table

Dog Weight Daily Dosage (scoop) Daily Dosage (teaspoon) Daily Dosage (mg)
01-25 lbs 1/2 scoop 1/16 teaspoon (250 mg)
26-50 lbs 1 scoop 1/8 teaspoon (500 mg)
51-75 lbs 1 1/2 scoops 3/8 teaspoon (750 mg)
76-100 lbs 2 scoops 1/4 teaspoon (1000 mg)
100-125 lbs 2 1/2 scoops 1/2 teaspoon (1250 mg)

Is green lipped mussel better than fish oil?

Yes.Studies have shown that green lipped mussel is far more potent than other plant and fish oil extracts currently used to relieve inflammation associated with arthritis. Green lipped mussel containsunique omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids with potent anti-inflammatory properties that are not found in fish oil. Green lipped mussel also contains glucosamine, chondroitin, magnesium, zinc and other compounds such as eicosatetraenoic acid, which when combined with omega-3 oils could cumulatively be more effective at easing joint pain than if they were taken as individual supplements.

Is green lipped mussel an anti-inflammatory?

Yes. Green lipped mussel contains several components that have potent anti-inflammatory properties. These include glycosaminoglycan, as well asunique omega-3 fatty acids such as eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA) which binds cyclooxygenase, the enzyme responsible for inflammation. Studies have shown that the potent anti-inflammatory agents in green lipped mussel can actuallyreduce stomach ulcers caused by conventional pain medications used to treat arthritis.

Are green lipped mussels good for joint pain?

Yes. Green lipped mussel is very effective at treating joint pain.Studies have shown that green lipped mussel provides a safe and effective alternative to conventional drugs used to treat pain and inflammation of the joints in dogs. Dogs treated with green lipped mussel show improvements after justsix weeks of treatment with a green lipped mussel powder supplement such asAzestfor.

Where are Green Lipped Mussels sourced from?

Green Lipped Mussel is ethically sourced from New Zealand, supporting a sustainable aquaculture environment

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