About Us

Hi I'm Siobhan Oldham Founder of Azestfor.

Azestfor my company is founded on a combination of love and science.
Our mission is to extend dogs’ lives through nutrition.
Just like with you what you eat impacts how you feel, the same is with our dogs.
We believe that a diet free of preservatives, chemicals and harsh processing is healthiest.

I grew up on a farm in New Zealand and now live in Los Angeles.
I have found a way to stay connected to nature by hiking everyday with dogs.
I love dogs and spend my time helping them live long and happy lives– this includes exercise, socialization and most importantly nutrition.

I worked with animal nutritionists to create whole food recipes, and a vitamin mineral powder so you can cook for your dog – allowing you to tailor your dog’s diet to their specific needs.
We’ve created a line of treats made from simple, pure ingredients. And a line of supplements – including Green lipped mussel – a natural anti Inflammatory.

The easiest way to improve your dog’s health (and reduce its medical bills) is to feed it a higher quality food and feed it less of it.

Homemade dog food provides unsurpassed nutrition.
Simply put Azestfor allows you to feed your dog like family and ensures they are getting everything that they need to live their best life.

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