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Rice & Cottage Cheese For Dogs

elimination diet homemade dog food made from rice

Add the Azestfor Vitamins to your home cooked dog food



1 cup cottage cheese (plain) 1 cup rice, cooked

1 teaspoon sunflower oil

4 teaspoons Azestfor Vitamins


This recipe will yield approximately 1 lb of food. Equating to 603 calories (Kcals) Approximately enough servings of food for one day for a 25 lb dog to maintain weight.


This Cheap Homemade Dog Food recipe is simple quick and great for a vegetarian meal alternative. This recipe combines cottage cheese, rice and sunflower oil to create a meal that is easy for digestion, good for protein allergies and for controlled elimination diets. A low fat alternative for the health conscience dog.


Step 1

Cottage Cheese – plain, full fat.

cheap homemade dog food made from rice

Step 2

Place rice in a saucepan with double the amount of water. Bring to the boil, then turn the heat all the way down and cover the pan tightly with a lid. Cook on the lowest heat possible, for 10-15 mins without uncovering the pan. Use a fork to fluff up the cooked rice.

cheap homemade dog food vitamins added

Step 3

When the rice is cool to touch you can combine with the cottage cheese and add the Azestfor nutritional supplements.

Heat destroys the potency of vitamins.

Step 4

Sunflower oil is added as a source of linoleic acid. If you would like a substitute oil you can add Wheat germ, Walnut or Corn oil in the ratio of 1.2 per 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil.

Watch Instructional Cooking Video How To Make Cheap Homemade Dog Food:

Feeding Guidelines:

We suggest dividing the daily amount into two servings, one in the morning and one in the evening. Every dog’s nutritional requirements are a little bit different due to age & amount of exercise. If your dog is losing weight, increase food by 1/4 cup a day, if they are gaining weight reduce accordingly.

Weight of Dog

5 lbs to maintain weight 2/3 cup (5 oz) per day
10 lbs to maintain weight 1 cup (8.7 oz) per day
15 lbs to maintain weight 1 1/2 cups (12 oz) per day
20 lbs to maintain weight 2 cups (14.5 oz) per day
30 lbs to maintain weight 2 1/2 cups (20 oz) per day
40 lbs to maintain weight 3 cups (25 oz) per day
50 lbs to maintain weight 4 cups (29 oz) per day
60 lbs to maintain weight 4 1/3 cups (33 oz) per day
70 lbs to maintain weight 5 cups (37.5 oz) per day
80 lbs to maintain weight 5 1/4 cups (41 oz) per day
90 lbs to maintain weight 6 cups (45 oz) per day

dog eating homemade diet with cottage cheese and rice

Shopping Check List:

Cottage Cheese - plain
Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins
Sunflower Oil

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Feb 26, 2019 • Posted by Sherry Lee

Tried this recipe and Stella loves it!

It’s ‘lick the bowl’ clean good.

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