Green Lipped
Mussel For Dogs

Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

What does green lipped mussel do for dogs?

Green lipped mussel is a natural supplement that builds healthy joints, reduces inflammation, and eases joint pain in dogs. Azestfor's anti-inflammatory green lipped mussel powder supplement contains green lipped mussel rich in omega-3, chondroitin and glucosamine the naturally occurring components work synergistically and are particularly effective at reducing inflammation, repairing damaged tissue and building healthy cartilage in the joints, while also promoting a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

  • Boost Mobility
  • Lubricate Joints
  • Relieve Sore Muscles
  • Ease Symptoms of Dry Itchy Skin
  • Get a More Active Dog in Just 6 Weeks

How long does it take for green lipped mussel to work in dogs?

Improvements in joint health can typically be noticed after just six weeks of treatment with a green lipped mussel powder supplement, such asAzestfor. Studies have shown that joint pain and inflammation are reduced aftersix weeks, and arthritic dogs show improved mobility aftereight weeks of treatment with green lipped mussel