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Our 9-year old pup started feeling the effects of some early arthritis, landing him with some very noticeable sore days. So we began adding green lipped mussel to his diet. The difference is incredible. We went from fewer rough patches to virtually none. Even our vet noticed and urged us to continue using it for its fatty acids. Makes me wish I could sprinkle some on my mom’s breakfast!
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food
Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food

Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food

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Vitamin mineral supplement powder for dogs with 21 vitamins & minerals including calcium and phosphorous, Chia Seeds for Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, and natural kelp.

Two Flavors: Veggie or Chicken.

Manufactured in the USA
Ingredients Guaranteed Non China
1 lb 30 day supply for 50 lb dog

Suitable for dogs of all ages: weaned puppies, adolescent, adult and senior dogs. 

Where are the ingredients from? Country of Origin by Ingredient 
Tricalcium Phosphate – USA
Natural Chicken Flavor – USA
Chia Seeds  - Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico 
Potassium Chloride -USA, Canada
Kelp Meal – Canada
Calcium Carbonate -USA
Magnesium Sulfate – Mexico
Sodium Chloride – USA
Choline Chloride – USA
Vitamin E Supplement – USA, China, Switzerland
Zinc Sulfate – USA, Mexico
Ferrous Sulfate – USA
Copper Sulfate – Mexico
Sodium Selenite – USA
Thiamine Mononitrate -Germany
Manganese Sulfate – Mexico
Niacin Supplement – India
D-Calcium Pantothenate – Germany, Scotland, China
Riboflavin – Korea, Germany, China
Vitamin A Supplement – China
Vitamin D3 Supplement – Switzerland
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – Germany
Vitamin B12 Supplement – France
Calcium Iodate – USA, Canada
Folic Acid – France, China

Proprietary formulations created exclusively for Azestfor, Inc.
Azestfor, Inc is based in Los Angeles California, USA.
Manufacturer is based in Illinois, USA.
Co-packer is based in Southern California

Can You Freeze Homemade Dog Food?

Yes - you can freeze homemade dog food for up to one year.

How long does Homemade Dog Food last in the refrigerator? 

7 days  

Can Puppies Eat Homemade Dog Food?

Yes - once a dog is weaned from their mother at 6 weeks and is eating solid food they can eat homemade dog food.

Why Homemade Dog Food is Better

Making your own homemade dog food allows you to 

  • Tailor your dogs diet to their specific dietary needs i.e. Grain free
  • Gives you peace of mind that you know exactly what is in their food bowl
  • Fresh whole food ingredients are more bio available than processed foods
  • Homemade Dog Food is free of preservatives, chemical treatments and harsh processing
  • Reduce potential medical bills by managing dietary related disease i.e. obesity 
  •  Extend dogs lives by helping them maintain a healthy weight 

Powdered vitamins for dogs mixes easily with human food Powder blends easily with whole food ingredients.

Dogs love the taste of Azestfor vitamins Tasty Flavor Two delicious choices Veggie or Chicken.

Manufactured USAQuality Ethically Sourced ingredients.

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