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Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food

Vitamins homemade dog food

Vitamins For Homemade Dog Food


Cooking for your dog ensures they get the benefit of fresh whole food that that is free of preservatives, fillers and chemical treatments. Adding the Azestfor Vitamin Mineral supplement powder for dogs ensures they get everything they need to thrive - with 21 vitamins & minerals including calcium and phosphorous, Taurine and natural kelp.

Flavor: Veggie or Chicken

Manufactured in the USA
1 lb 30 day supply for 50 lb dog

Suitable for dogs of all ages: weaned puppies, adolescent, adult and senior dogs.

Powder blends easily with whole food ingredients.

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Each recipe contains the quantity of vitamin mineral mix to add. You are making the food complete and balanced. As a guide for people adding the product just before serving the recommended dosage is 1 1/4 tsps (One and a quarter teaspoons) of Azestfor Vitamins per cup of homemade dog food.


1 lb of Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins will make approximately 32 lbs of homemade dog food complete and balanced.

Additional Supplements

Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins will make the Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Recipes complete and balanced. You do not need to add any additional vitamins or minerals for your dog to get everything they need to thrive. If you would like to add additional Omega's we recommend the Azestfor Anti-inflammatory Green Lipped Mussel for dogs.  


Visit our FAQ page to learn more

Country of Origin by Ingredient

Tricalcium Phosphate – USA

Natural Chicken Flavor – USA

Chia Seeds - Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico

Potassium Chloride -USA, Canada

Kelp Meal – Canada

Calcium Carbonate -USA

Magnesium Sulfate – Mexico

Sodium Chloride – USA

Choline Chloride – USA

Vitamin E Supplement – USA, China, Switzerland

Zinc Sulfate – USA, Mexico

Ferrous Sulfate – USA

Copper Sulfate – Mexico

Sodium Selenite – USA

Thiamine Mononitrate -Germany

Manganese Sulfate – Mexico

Niacin Supplement – India

D-Calcium Pantothenate – Germany, Scotland, China

Riboflavin – Korea, Germany, China

Vitamin A Supplement – China

Vitamin D3 Supplement – Switzerland

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – Germany

Vitamin B12 Supplement – France

Calcium Iodate – USA, Canada

Folic Acid – France, China

Proprietary formulations created exclusively for Azestfor, Inc.

Azestfor, Inc is based in Los Angeles California, USA.

Manufacturer is based in Illinois, USA.

Co-packer is based in Southern California

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Gabrielle M.
United States United States

Fantastic Product

I recently adopted a dog who was underweight and a very picky eater. Despite buying high quality dog food, she just wouldn't eat - a meal would sit in her dish for 12 hours and barely be touched. I wasn't comfortable feeding her raw food that could carry diseases, and I didn't want to cook homemade dog food and worry that she may not be getting all the nutrients she needs. Azestfor is the perfect alternative. Since it meets the AAFCO guidelines, I can feel confident that my dog is getting a well-balanced diet. Best of all, she gobbles up her food right away! The recipes are very simple, and batch cooking makes everything so convenient. My dog is an Azestfor dog for life!

United States United States

Happy dog!

I make my own dog food for my Yorkie and she is very healthy, using this product I'm sure she is getting a balanced diet!

Joel B.
United States United States

Great vitamins

Great multivitamin supplement! My dogs eat it sprinkled on their food.

Nancy B.
United States United States

Great Addition For Necessary Vitamins

I make food for my 5 small dogs. My dogs often didn’t eat the dry kibble no matter what kind I tried. My dogs gobble their homemade food and I feel confident the food is nutritionally sound due to Azestfor!! Thank you for a great product!!

Lisa J.
United States United States

Wonderful Product!!

Love Azestfor! I’ve been using it for about six months. My one and two-yr old Shih Tzu girls really preferred the food I’d make. I wanted to ensure they were getting the nutrients the need. It smells like veggies and incorporates nicely in the recipes I made for my girls. Their coats are gorgeous, and they’re full of energy and happy girls. And I feel better knowing they’re getting what they need.